Fifth Batch of Accepted Papers for ORAL PRESENTATION

1. GREEN SWITCH: An IoT Based Energy Monitoring System for De La Salle Lipa (Oscar Bryan Magtibay, Mark Anthony De Vera, Rodelio Cabrera and Joselito Roxas)

2. Implementation of Tourism Circuit Concept in an Android-based Tourist Navigation Application through A* Algorithm (Cris De Leon, Jonardo Asor, Gene Marck Catedrilla and Sharon Ramos)

3. A Web Based System for Monitoring Fishpond with Notifications Component (James Cloyd M. Bustillo, Russell Robert G. Braza, Glydel E. Gingo, and Princess Mae A. Pontimar)

4. Assessing the Effects of Automated Swab Robot for Safe COVID-19 Testing (Jasper Rae Zeus A. Antonio and Jonalyn Mae E. Aranda)


6. Fire-Fighting UAV with Shooting Mechanism of Fire Extinguishing Ball for Smart City (Ameralden H. Abdulwakil, Mike Joshua R. Amar, Bernadette Durante, Christian Vincent Nico Reblando Santos, and Nastaran Reza Nazar Zadeh)

Fourth Batch of Accepted Papers for ORAL PRESENTATION

1. A Geotagging and Detection System of Smokers using Deep Learning (Daryll Cabagay, Nickhole Capon, Joseph Leandro Leones and Adam Ken Mapalo)

2. Pesticide/Herbicide UAV with Adjustable Sprayer and Surveillance Camera (Jericho D. Bondad, John Peter P. Bucsit, James Patrick R. Cajigal, Emiryl Colbert M. Torres, Nastaran Reza Nazar Zadeh)

3. Disinfection Robot with Ultraviolet Light Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDar) Technology (Jeferson T. Medenceles 1, Jayrus Miguel P. Morales, Jose Mari C. Barrun, Jerome Cyrille D. De Vera, and Nastaran Reza Nazar Zadeh)

4. IoT Based Date Palm Water Management System Using Case-Based Reasoning and Linear Regression for Trend Analysis (Ferddie Canlas and Moayad Salim Al Falahi)

5. Multi-Agent Class Timetabling for Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) using Prometheus Platform (Angelita Guia and Melvin Ballera)

6. A Study on Raspberry Pi-based Systems using Nickerson-Varshney-Muntermann Taxonomy Development Method (Elmar Francisco, Ronaldo Juanatas, and Jasmin Niguidula)

7. WISE GAME: WIRELESS INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE EDUCATIONAL GAME (Muel Fred Ruiz, Rica Esclada, Jannica Balderama, Anzel Anne Aguirre, Ma. Nancy Cutin and Raymund Lozada)


Third Batch of Accepted Papers for ORAL PRESENTATION

1. A Cloud Based 3-Tier Data Security Framework for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) (Mirador Labrador)

2. A Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) and Water Quality Monitoring: A Method in the Detection and Prediction of Harmful Algal Bloom (Walvies Alcos and Mirador Labrador)

3. BoTiles: Utilizing Glass Bottles and Polymer Resin as a Substitute for the Production of Composite Tile – Making Machine for Splash Board (Arvin R. De La Cruz, Jhon Patrick L. Santiago, Ageane Levi A. Madrid, Vida Lynn D. Casignia and Vina Lynn D. Casignia)

4. Exoskeleton Arm Using Brain-Machine Interfacing (Patrick Kendrex Lucero, Renz Jeremiah Mercado and Divina Gracia Ronquillo)

5. Investigations on the Magnetic Adhesion Properties of Pipe Surface Inspection Robot (Jaise Jose, Dinakaran Devaraj, Kuppan Chetty Ramanathan, Ramya Mm and Sugin Elankavi R)

6. A Machine Learning Approach on Road Accidents Analysis in CALABARZON Region, Philippines: An Input to Road Safety Management (Kristelle Ann Torres and Jonardo Asor)

7. Development of an IoT - based Water and Power Monitoring System for Residential Building (Leah Santos, John Carlo Bautista, Matt William Estanque, Christian John Paloa and Ana Beatrice Villaran)

8. HWYL: An Edutainment Based Mobile Phone Game Designed to Raise Awareness on Environmental Management (Ma. Corazon Fernando, Maria Vicky Solomo, Ace Lagman, Jay-ar Lalata, Marie Luvett Goh, Heintjie Vicente)

9. An Implementation of Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for Automobile Collision Detection Avoidance using Ad-Hoc Network (Daryll Cabagay, Joshua Caalim, Tweetums Micarandayo and Paolo Pacaldo )

10. Online QR Code Digital Contact and Quarantine Tracing Using Independent Software Vendor Oracle – Cloud Computing (Jerry Teleron, Aldwin Famador, Analyn Morite, Cheryl Tarre and Alan Felicano)

11. GrabBage: A Hand Gesture Controlled Garbage Picking Bot (Daryll Cabagay, Jovelyn Logarta, Lyka Tiu and Carlo Trillo)

12. Healthcare Management System with Sales Analytics using Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average and Google Vision (Maria Clarice Madrid, Ernesto Malaki, Paul Lawrenz Ong, Maria Vicky Solomo, Rizelle Anne Suntay and Heintjie Vicente)

Second Batch of Accepted Papers for ORAL PRESENTATION

1. Fire Incidents Visualization and Pattern Recognition using Machine Learning Algorithms (Jonardo Asor, Chester Alexis Buama, Jefferson Lerios, Sherwin Sapin and Jocelyn Padallan)

2. Quick Fix: A Couch Cooperative Video Game Using Sequential Team-Building Gameplay Mechanics to Promote Social Relationship Among Players (Manuel Garcia, Vanessa Mae Rull, Dylan Joshua Bias, Shirley Sean James Gunawardana, Jairus Ezekiel Cruz, Roseanne Catherine Chua, Ma. Corazon Fernando and Maria Rona Perez)

3. When History Meets Technology: A Rizal Park Virtual Tour with Informative Website and Reservation System (Ma.Corazon Fernando)

4. False Positive: An Appointment and Scheduling System & A CMS-Based Website with Series of Infomercial for Loveyourself PH (Ma.Corazon Fernando)

5. Intruder Detection and Recognition using Different Image Processing Techniques for a Proactive Surveillance (Nelson Rodelas and Melvin Ballera)

6. OCULAR: Object Detecting CCTV using a Low-Cost Artificial Intelligence System with Real-time Analysis (Hani Christopher Sajol, Jan Cydrick Santos, Lorenzo Miguel Agustin, John Joseph Zafra and Mariciel Teogangco) 

First Batch of Accepted Papers for ORAL PRESENTATION

1. 14-BIT ADC as Voltage Monitoring Device for Power Supply Module 6 using I2C Interface (Edison Castillo, Catherine Samson, Glenn Ortiz and Mark Joseph Enojas )

2. Automated Data Monitoring of MEMS Cleanroom Parametric Requirements (Jean Capanang, Jobelle Panganiban, Glenn Ortiz and Mark Joseph Enojas )                    

3. Polybius Square in Cryptography A Brief Review of Literature (Jan Carlo Arroyo, Cristina Dumdumaya and Allemar Jhone Delima

4. Image Processing with Artificial Neural Network for Detecting Ringworm and Yeast Infections in Dogs Using Neuroph Framework (Reand Michael Mellores, Jessa Carrisse Salvoza, Shantal Flores, Jan Carlo Arroyo and Allemar Jhone Delima)

5. Mole Robot (MolBot): Development of pipe damage detector robot (Vandon Borela, Mark Rodney Dela Pena, Jedd Benedick Salvador and John Nicholas Evangelista)                             

6. Autonomous Path Planning Through Application of Rotated Two-Parameter Overrelaxation 9-Point Laplacian Iteration Technique (Ling Wai Kiat, A'Qilah Ahmad Dahalan and Azali Saudi )

7. Soil Parameter Detection of STK-Treated Soil Samples through Image Processing with Crop and Fertilizer Recommendation (John Joshua Montañez)

8. Economically Viable Conversion Strategy of Conventional Household Lighting Source System to Solar and Direct Current (Romel Cristobal )

9. Wireless Sensor Devices for Water Quality Monitoring with Data Analytics (Lorissa Joana Esguerra-Buenas )

10. WomenSiren: A Mobile Application for Public Awareness on Violence Against Women (John Heland Jasper Ortega, Ace Lagman, Lizel Rose Natividad, Emilsa Bantug, Maria Vicky Solomo and Mharicar Fernando)      

11. Predicting the Mortality of Female Patients suffering from Myocardial Infarction using Data Mining Methods: A Comparison (John Heland Jasper Ortega, Ace Lagman, Lizel Rose Natividad, Emilsa Bantug, Geliza Marie Alcober and Roland Calderon)                                                        

12. Android Interactive Word Game in Mother Tongue: Its Effect on Students’ Performance on Mother Tongue (Rosie Jane Siosan, Josephine Lavilla, Ma. Asuncion Christine Dequilla and Joel De Castro)

13. An Android-based Mobile Educational Game for Disaster Preparedness: An Input to Risk Reduction Management (Gene Marck Catedrilla, Manuel Lanuang, Jefferson Lerios and Chester Alexis Buama)